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Excitement is building as we approach the Anniversary of the City of Denton Juneteenth Celebration! We have great things planned and are looking forward to your support. The Denton Juneteenth Celebration Committee serves as a non-profit volunteer group whose mission is to actively preserve and promote the broad spectrum of African American heritage through educational and cultural activities that benefits the City of Denton community. The funds raised will be used for various events the Committee hosts throughout the year.


The events scheduled for the 2019 fiscal year include a 3-on-3 Basketball Shoot Out, Flag Football Tournament, Softball Tournament, Parade, “A Better Way Enterprises” Hometown Heroes Reception, Children’s Games, and live music during the Gospel Extravaganza (Friday) and the R & B Night (Saturday). At the 2018 Celebration over 3000 people attended the 2-day event. We anticipate that the growth of the event will be phenomenal!


Your business has the opportunity to advertise through several media outlets including radio, internet, billboard, flyers/posters, and newspapers. We would like to see your business as our top sponsor. You can choose to sponsor in the following areas:



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Food vendors must obtain a Food Permit from the City of Denton ($35). For more information on the food permit call Sara (940) 349-8341.

The signee is responsible for displaying the following items:

1. Park Vendor Permit

1. Food Permit (if applicable)

1. Menu listing cost of your product(s)

The signee is responsible for having booths open by 5:00 pm Friday & by 10:00 am on Saturday for City of Denton inspection. No glass containers in the park. Food must be stored appropriately. See Health Permit for additional information. Vendors are also responsible for tent, tables and chairs.

The Denton Juneteenth Celebration Committee must be notified of any cancellations by **June 8, 2019** in order to receive a refund. For more information, call Bobby Givens at (940)-349-8575.


SETUP TIME:  June 14th (Friday setup by 5pm)

SETUP TIME: June 15th (Saturday setup by 10am)

Deadline to submit vendor booth application is June 8, 2019.


*Booth price includes Park Permit Fee. *Electricity is on a first come first serve basis.

MAIL FORM AND PAYMENT TO: Denton Juneteenth Celebration

PO Box 51291, Denton, TX 76206

By completing this vendor booth application I/we, the undersigned, booth renter/company agree to pay the Denton Juneteenth Celebration Committee the fee(s) listed: